AI DRIVEN Learning Management

For Schools

No matter what, where or how you teach, Upgrade My Class empowers you with the technology, service and support you need to take learning to the next level.


Comprehensive solution for empowered education delivery


Manage your Digital and Most Interactive class seamlessly


Conducting  examinations & student assessment made easy.

Mock Test

AI enabled platform for rank improvement in competitive exams.

personalised learning

Our system monitors and keeps students attentive

during the class

Experience the power of our system that captures student mental attention during classes. Gain valuable insights into real-time student engagement, ensuring a proactive approach to fostering attentiveness and enhancing the learning experience.

Complete Solution for Your Education Needs

Stay Ahead of the Competition with Upgrade My Class Cutting-Edge LMS Solutions

Learning Resources

Learning resources on cloud lets your teachers access lecture and Sub lecture-wise study materials – notes, videos, presentations.

Academic Schedule

Plan your calendar to create, publish, share and monitor micro-schedule as planned vs actual. Everything ‘on the go’ effortlessly.

Adaptive Testing

Lets your students upskill their practice routine by solving AI-based questions. Practice more questions in less time to stay competitive.

AI based Reports

Get intuitive insights and recommendations on the personalized dashboard, accessible for students, teachers, management as well as parents

360-degree Assessment

Enable 360-degree student assessments by providing corrective instructions and performance evaluation for improved learning outcomes.

Hybrid Learning

Guarantee anytime anywhere education! Be it homework, assignments, online classes, doubt clarification, screen sharing & video conferencing.

Cloud-based Exam Software

Create online tests with accuracy and assess students’ performance better. Fulfill all your exam needs!

Automated Tests

Compose your desired question paper in just few clicks and create the tests automatically – Be it Practice Test, Mock Exam or a Quiz.

Various Question Types

Gain the flexibility to craft various question types or patterns, including MCQs, Numeric, Fill-in-the-blank or other desired types conveniently.

Inbuilt Question Bank

4 lacs+ questions with solutions, created by subject matter experts lets you to take the leverage for quick question paper generation & conducting tests.

Preview & Edit Instantly

Preview and edit the question paper at short notice directly from the Upgrade My Class Platform. Providing quick and convenient access for modifications.

Easy Content Upload

With easy upload/import feature, examiners can bring in desired content formats, including Image, Excel, Word and PDF files – Even in bulk!

Generate Report Cards

School academic administrators can publish report cards after confirming all marks and report card calculations. Cut the effort and time.

Interactive Classroom

Go DIGITAL with Upgrade My Class Digital Classrooms and keep your education delivery intact.

Integrated Scheduler

Convenient module designed for teachers to plan & schedule classes, send invites and reminders seamlessly – Everything from a single window.

Mobile App

For better interaction among teacher, students, parents and principal, exclusive mobile app is configured. All stakeholders also get the messages on the WhatsApp.

Instant Reports

Get instant intuitive insights on the status of your classwork and students’ attendance reports, with download option on the analytical dashboard.

User Management

Define individual roles and customize logins for Students, Teachers, Principal and Admin. Also let parents get a nerve on his/her kids’ performance.

Auto Notifications

Let everyone stay notified and alert on the day schedule, upcoming classes and events, so nothing is left behind. It even implies for teachers & stakeholders!

24x7 Cloud Access

Move your interactive virtual classes to a 24/7 active online platform and explore safe & easy way to connect and share content with ease.

Competitive Exams Preparation

AI enabled platform, handcrafted by educational experts for score and rank improvement, which is intended for competitive exam aspirants.

Conceptual Learning

Enjoy the convenience of practicing conceptual learning in your chosen subject. Access study material, tagged with concepts for enhanced learning.

Intelligent Insights

Better understanding on your strengths & weaknesses through real-time Insights & Analytics. Measure your progress, optimize your speed & accuracy.

Learning Resources

Avail value added topic-wise learning resources, important notes, informative videos for ready reference. Make self-paced learning fruitful!

Performance Report

Detailed topic-wise analysis after every test, along with your rank prediction. Collect your report card and know where you stand in the competition.

Unlimited Mock Tests

Never like before opportunity to experience real exam like environment. Join QPAT & attempt unlimited mock test series now for your students!

Academic Schedule

Our LMS system is the perfect medium to connect your teachers and students, empowering them with a structured academic calendar and scheduler. Plan your work and work your plan!


  •   Plan your calendar
  •   Publish Schedule
  •   Create Micro-schedule
  •   Share Schedule
  •   Monitor Schedule – Planned Vs Actual

Learning Resources

Topic-wise study materials are made available on the cloud, so your students are never short of what you intend to access them real quick. Anytime anywhere education guaranteed!


  •    Lecture PPT
  •    eBook
  •    Lecture Videos
  •    Assignments
  •    Large Question Bank
  •    Practice Paper

Real-time Assessment

Our system enables 360-degree assessments, which helps your teacher to provide corrective instructions and do performance evaluation of your students for improved learning outcomes.


  •   Real-Time Class Monitoring
  •   Question paper generation
  •   Objective & Subjective assessment
  •   On-screen marking solution
  •   Automated publication of results

AI Reports

Our AI based reports and analytics enabled individual dashboards makes it easy for you and your students gain insights and recommendations for improved learning outcomes.


  •    Everyday Class Attention Report
  •    Fundamental Analysis Report
  •    Error Analysis Report 
  •    Subject & Topic Wise Analysis
  •    Strongest and Weakest Topic 

Alerts and Notifications

Control your academic processes in your educational institution by enabling timely alerts and sending push notifications to students, parents, and teachers. Everything in realtime!


   Exams Notification

   Class Reminders

   Notice or Events

   Reports on WhatsApp

Advantages for Educators

Teachers can now

 save time, reduce workload, and make learning better.

Auto Question Paper Generate

We have 4 Lacs+ question bank aligned with concepts, system auto generate the questions.

No Answer Sheet Checking Required

Eliminates the need for manual answer sheet evaluation, streamlining the assessment.

Assign Homework Easily

Easily assign and manage homework, It’s enhancing efficiency for teachers.

Instant Student Feedback

Instant insights for quick teaching strategies and enhanced learning outcomes.


Optimize teaching efficiency and time utilization

NEP Compliant Content

Comprehensive CBSE, NCERT, and MP State Board teaching content in English and Hindi.

Auto Attendance Tracking

Auto tracking, freeing up valuable time for teachers to focus on effective class engagement.

Automated Report Generation

“Instant access to student performance insights, highlighting those in the red zone.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Allowing educators to make informed decisions for personalized student development

One the Best Learning Management Systems

An ambitious personalized learning concept that engages your students to champion their educational success.

Easy To Implement

It is very easy to implement in your educational center and within no time, you can bring in all your desired academic programs, subject study guides, and training.


Our LMS system is effortlessly accessible from anywhere any time, just with an internet connection from your smart device, be it a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Time & Money Saver

Having all the information at one place makes it a strong reason for using our Learning Management, avoiding loss of data & information, making it available to all users in sync.

Is Your Institute Ready For NEP 2020? 

Stay Ahead of the Competition with UPgrade my class Cutting-Edge LMS Solutions

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We’ve built our learning platforms to fit seamlessly with the tools you, your educators and your learners love—no heartbreak or sacrifice. You can easily create a consistent digital learning experience with hundreds of integration options.

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