About Us

At Upgrade My Class, we believe in transforming education through innovation and technology. Our School Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to revolutionize the teaching-learning experience, providing a comprehensive solution for educators, students, and administrators.

We are dedicated to addressing the evolving needs of modern education, offering advanced features that go beyond traditional LMS capabilities. From monitoring academic activities and addressing learning gaps to enhancing student attention and empowering teachers, Upgrade My Class is committed to creating an optimized and transformative learning environment.

Our platform facilitates targeted support through student segregation, ensures seamless progress tracking, and provides access to a robust 4L+ question bank. We envision a future where education is not just a process but a dynamic and engaging experience for everyone involved.

Join us on this journey to redefine education, explore new possibilities, and unlock the full potential of teaching and learning. Upgrade My Class is not just an LMS; it’s a catalyst for positive change in education.

Upgrade My Class is a proud member of the Digiana Group, a conglomerate comprising over 20 companies spanning diverse industries such as digital Cable TV services, E-commerce, and our recent ventures into EdTech and the food & beverage industry. With a rich and varied portfolio, our mission is to be a socially responsible company that fosters a conducive learning environment for our employees, ensures customer satisfaction, and consistently strives for greater heights in all our endeavors.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a benchmark in Teaching & Learning by developing innovative Web-App for controlling & monitoring of individuals & educational institutions and implementing our services throughout the country.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to serve the nation through excellence in education. We always aim to define the absolute standard of excellence in the area of academics through imparting winning attitude in students, delivery quality of education, transparency in delivery, honesty in commitment towards student & parents.

Our Values

The management, faculty, and staff of Upgrade My Class, share a set of beliefs and commitments.

Expert Intsructors

Discover Our Commander

Mr. Sukhdev Singh Ghuman

Mr. Sukhdev Singh Ghuman


Mr. Ghuman is a successful entrepreneur with business in over 20+ companies under the “Digiana” business group.

Mr. Tejinder Pal Singh Ghuman

Mr. Tejinder Pal Singh Ghuman

Managing Director

The complete project is in partnership with Digiana Group & supported by  Managing Director Mr.  Ghuman.

Mr. Virendra Kumar Pathak

Mr. Virendra Kumar Pathak

Founder & CEO

The complete idea was conceived by CEO Mr. VK Pathak, who has over 30+ years of experience in the education field.

Mr. Vishal Pathak

Mr. Vishal Pathak

Co-Founder & CTO

Vishal Pathak is a BITS PILANI Alumni with expert knowledge in Artificial Intelligence. He has served as Data Scientist in many MNCs.

Our Team

Upgrade My Class M S ChouhanSRS Lab SRS Device Honhaar Quiz Contest Digiana
M S Chouhan

Marketing Manager

Asqa Hasan

Content Manager

Tousif Kalalkond

Software Manager

Ajay Choudhary
Ajay Choudhary

Product Manager

Amit Singh

Sr. Subject Matter Expert

Shweta Jaiswal

Sr. FrontEnd Developer

Ritika Gupta

Senior BDE

Vikash Sharma

Sr. Software Test Engineer

Vedika Rajoriya

Subject Matter Expert

Nikita Rahangdale

Subject Matter Expert

Yashdeep Singh

Graphic Designer

Sandhya Gupta

FrontEnd Developer

Nikhil Kaurav

Marketing Executive

Prashant Narware

Marketing Executive

Azhar Khan

Software Test Engineer

Anand Sarauniya

Subject Matter Expert

Shubham Rajput

Software Developer

Mayank Sharma

Marketing Intern

Shivani Dhakar

Subject Matter Expert

Ganesh Patidar
Ganesh Patidar

Marketing Executive

Muskan Tiwari

Marketing Intern

Bhumika Pandey

Marketing Intern

Why us

Upgrade My Class Key Points about the system are:

  • 30+ years of educational excellence.
  • Re-structuring the existing education system.
  • An effort to eradicate the existing loopholes of the education system.
  • Re-inventing the “GURUKULUM” system with modern technology.
  • A complete cloud-based education system powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Well-planned, high-quality and focused study content.
  • Real-time performance and feedback mechanism.
  • 100% monitoring of the day to day teaching & learning.
  • Utilize the SRS Lab for instant and accurate assessment of students.
  • Mock exam that helps students to prepare their final examination.

How Upgrade My Class is different from existing teaching system?

We believe that learning is possible only with 3 D’s  Delivery with Diligence & Discipline. Without these D’s it is just impossible to impart the true knowledge to students. In a school, no result can be produced unless its teachers and students are disciplined.

As a teacher, one has to plan his/her daily lesson, examples, short exercises, and create interesting examples on the topic to be taught. These all take extra efforts with dedication & discipline. Majority of today’s teachers lag behind in such discipline & dedication.

As a student, one has to concentrate in the class to understand the lesson taught. However, it is not done since the student’s attention may not be in class while teaching which makes them learn slowly. Sometimes students are overconfident that they can easily learn at home or through his coaching teacher, hence he does not take class teaching very seriously. Apart from regular classes, a student needs to practice the concepts taught in class to reinforce the learning. At Upgrade My CLass our TAB-CLOUD system ensures such practice at home.