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Learning Management

Elevate education with our AI-driven LMS Solution for personalized and adaptive learning.

Real-Time Assessment

Interactive technology that poses questions to students and promptly assesses their responses.

Auto Examination

Auto-generate papers, take exams online or offline, and get instant results with copy checks.

Teaching Content

Engage in a variety of high-quality content with videos, presentations, eBooks and many more 

Admin Management

Seamlessly perform all admin-related tasks, from Enquiry to TC.
Fees, Bus, Staff, HR, Inventory…

Hybrid Class

Uninterrupted excellent learning, both online and in-class using world-class teaching pedagogies

App Integration

WhatsApp, biometric staff attendance and banking integration for seamless transactions.

Mobile App & Website

Launch your school app and website swiftly within 24 hours with your school name and logo.

Boost Your Admissions

Upgrade My Class streamlines data access, expedites admissions, and supports targeted marketing to enhance student enrollment and achievement.

Publish Your Website and Mobile App

Our experienced developers will collaborate with you to personalize the app according to your school’s unique requirements and branding. This guarantees that the app truly reflects your school’s identity and values. With our user-friendly app, you can effortlessly send real-time notifications, newsletters, and updates about school events and activities.

Complete Mobile and Web Solution

More than 100+ MIS Reports


  • Everyday Class Attention Report
  • Fundamental Analysis Report
  • Error Analysis Report
  • AI Powered Subject & Topic Wise Analysis
  • Strongest and Weakest Topic
  • Teacher Performance Report
  • 24X7 Student Self Study
  • Semester Wise Report Card

    ADMIN Management

    • Accounts & Fees Reports
    • Inquiries & Admission Reports
    • HR and Salary Reports
    • Student & Staff Management
    • Overdue Manage and Report
    • Fees Defaulters Report
    • Head Wise Report and Analysis
    • Lead Management and Reports
    • Inventory Management & Reports

Comprehensive School Solution

Upgrade My Class empower schools, teachers, students, and parents with our School Management System and other products.

Advantages for Teachers

Teachers can now

 save time, reduce workload, and make learning better.

Auto Question Paper Generate

We have 4 Lacs+ question bank aligned with concepts, system auto generate the questions.

No Answer Sheet Checking Required

Eliminates the need for manual answer sheet evaluation, streamlining the assessment.

Assign Homework Easily

Easily assign and manage homework, It’s enhancing efficiency for teachers.

Instant Student Feedback

Instant insights for quick teaching strategies and enhanced learning outcomes.


Optimize teaching efficiency and time utilization

NEP Compliant Content

Comprehensive CBSE, NCERT, and MP State Board teaching content in English and Hindi.

Auto Attendance Tracking

Auto tracking, freeing up valuable time for teachers to focus on effective class engagement.

Automated Report Generation

“Instant access to student performance insights, highlighting those in the red zone.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Allowing educators to make informed decisions for personalized student development

What Schools Say About Us

Upgrade My Class has been a phenomenal addition to our classroom. The platform’s access to resources has helped us explore a variety of skills related topics beyond the traditional curriculum. The technology-based features of Upgrade My Class are unparalleled, and we are grateful to have it as part of our educational toolkit.

Dr. Shrikant B. Patil

MD, CRISP Center

Upgrade My Class has been a game-changer for our school. The AI-driven learning and analysis platform has transformed the way we teach and learn. With its personalized learning approach and real-time feedback, our students have shown remarkable progress and engagement. We highly recommend Upgrade My Class to any school that wants to provide an excellent education to their students and create an intellectual classroom.

Lalima Tiwari

Principal, Delhi World Public School

Upgrade My Class has completely transformed the way we teach. AI-driven approach has enabled our teacher to provide personalized learning to each of my students, leading to improved academic performance and engagement. The real-time feedback has allowed us to quickly identify areas where students need additional support, leading to targeted interventions.

Dr. Manju Vyas

Academic Director, Sardar Patel International School

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